Industrial thermic equipment by special order
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decorative application

Gas allows industrial applications but not only that!

Fireplace, torch, ornamental burner, commemorative flame or even brazier are all applications where the experience of AEM burner can help you to achieve your projects.

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LNG flare with CNG connection kit

CNG connection kit with LNG flare kit, allows flaring of CNG and LNG tanks with only one equipement.

The LNG and CNG purge flare is an equipment Mandatory to properly drain the tanks of vehicles using this type of fuel.


Liquid heating equipment

Milk, water, brew, soup, broth or any other liquid can be brought to 100 ° in 1 hour 30 minutes for a quantity of 200 liters and 2 hours for 250 liters.
Supplied by natural gas 20 millibars or propane 37 millibars for 27 kW heat imput, the performance of our 25TH burner has been improved since long time.

Equipped with thermocouple flame safety and an electric igniter, the heating equipment is on compliance with standard EN 746-2 about the safety of gas heating equipment.

Associated with a stainless steel tripod from our desing for the best heating efficiency, our kit reach 44% approx where the average of tripod market is around 30%.

With this burner and tripod set, we offer a food-grade 304 stainless steel tank with a capacity of 300 liters (useful capacity 250 liters) equipped with a mechanical thermometer and a cover.

Applications : Food boiling, industrial, sterilization, textile, pasteurization, brewing, dairy applications. This compact and efficient burner assembly corrosion proteckted will be able to integrate your thermal process for the best endurence.

The burner assembly with tripod and the 300-liter tank is on sale at € 1,544.00
Optionnal connection kit for two bottles available on request.


Burner for pocket sinter

This trolley includes a control cabinet equipped with a 16 program regulator allowing you to chose the most efficient pre-saved program depending on the pockets to dry or the refractory material.

The gas unit is equipped with a SIEMENS proportion valve type SKP75 enabling it to maintain the Air/gas ratio constant on all its operating range.

A « double crossed fans » system (combustion air + dilution air) allows for a perfect track following of the drying curve, even when operating at really low heat.

With a 500KW rated power, AEM’s AFL burner has a flexibility of 1/20 525 to 500KW).


Tools pre-heating carriage

AEM installed two tools preheating trolleys at the ‘Forges de L’Eminée’.

This carriage includes the control cabinet, the gas unit and a burner attached to a mat to adapt its height depending on the tool set up on the press.

This kind of preheating enables a quick and uniform heating of the whole of the tool.