Industrial thermic equipment by special order
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Heating equipment with 4 GR9 PHP burners with individual ECO command box XXL for XXL roasting drum

Heating equipment with 4 gas burners type GR9 PHP for 440 kW heat input in natural gas at 300mbar.
Each burner is independant and the power is in 230Vac.
ECO command box 400x300mm type CGP1ATHP for 1 heat input or 2 heat inputs.

Heating equipement with 2 flame nozzle forced draught burners and ET35ASBP command box


Heating equipment with 2 half hexagonal flame nozzle burner with ET35ASPB mother board

brewer tank of 1000l with draining valve centered on the bottom of the tank, heated by 2 forced draught flame nozzle burners for 140kW.
2 half hexagonal flame nozzle draught burners with 18 flame nozzles N°00 on each, forced draught technology by integrated air combustion fan, and 0-10V heat input;
Command box with 1 display ET35ASBP and 2 relaying and outlets boards, in 230Vac. Functioning mode setting in "brewer".

3 V shape bar burners with the mother board ET35ATHP command box.


Heating equipment with 3 half curved bar burner with ET35ATHP mother board

3 V shape bar burners, atmospheric and tube diameter 48mm to be closer as possible to the rotating mixing tub. The mother board ET35ATHP placed in a command box 380x300mm, controls the burner but also is the temperature regulator, the timer and the preheating process controller of the rotating tub.

2 heating equipment of 3 draught ribbon burners on the testing bench before shipment.


Draught ribbon burner for conveyor oven in food industry.

Gas heating equipment with 3 forced draught ribbon burners diameter 48mm, for conveyor oven, for 90 kW = 307,000.00 btu, in propane at 50mbar (19.5''WC), with energy dosage turning button for the heat input adjustment gap on 21 points.