Industrial thermic equipment by special order
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Burner for pocket sinter

This trolley includes a control cabinet equipped with a 16 program regulator allowing you to chose the most efficient pre-saved program depending on the pockets to dry or the refractory material.

The gas unit is equipped with a SIEMENS proportion valve type SKP75 enabling it to maintain the Air/gas ratio constant on all its operating range.

A « double crossed fans » system (combustion air + dilution air) allows for a perfect track following of the drying curve, even when operating at really low heat.

With a 500KW rated power, AEM’s AFL burner has a flexibility of 1/20 525 to 500KW).


Tools pre-heating carriage

AEM installed two tools preheating trolleys at the ‘Forges de L’Eminée’.

This carriage includes the control cabinet, the gas unit and a burner attached to a mat to adapt its height depending on the tool set up on the press.

This kind of preheating enables a quick and uniform heating of the whole of the tool.

High flow flare


High flow flare

This high flow flare has been especially designed to enable a quick draining of tanks of propane. Equipped with 4 wheels and lifting hooks, it is an easily movable item, perfect to bring around on different sites.

A fan ensures the air supply for the combustion which reduces the pollutant emissions and thermal radiation.

A second burner (circular) connected to the bottle activates the main burner and the propane's vaporization thanks to a double heat exchanger coil.

The whole fosters 25MW of power.

Set of burners for brewery


Set of burners for brewery

Equipment includes 3 sets of burners and a control cabinet, used in brewery to heat 2 tanks of 1000L and a 3rd one of 500L.

This equipment includes 2 sets of 3 burners and a set of burners powered bypropane 500 mbar for a total power of 460 kW.

The control cabinet enables the ignition of different sets of burners and secures them by ionization thanks to flames control boxes. Every set of burners is regulated by a temperature regulator with a sensor core and a cooking program (4 programs max).


Simulator fire glove box

This equipment enables the simulation of a fire of a glove box in order to analyse the different material reactions of the box.

Equipped with 184 torch flame nozzles on an area of 900x600, this simulator produces 500KW 1 bar propane.

The variation of the supply pressure allows the flame to take different aspects depending on the tests to be made.

The lighting is made through an electrode positioned on a 'veilleuse d'inter-allumage'.

The set is put together on a rail in order to adjust precisely the simulator's position in relation to the materials to be tested.


Equipment for pre-heating rail before welding

This equipment is made of six gas burners 'Point Rouge' with a control box and regulation. The different gas burners are powered with natural gas 1.5 bars for a total power of 450 KW and allow to pre-heat an area of 300mm for a rail of maximum 6 metres.

The gas burners are controlled by an ionizing screening system. Moreover, the temperature curve is shown on the front of the box and the it is recorded and stored in real time.

The installation is regulated and includes a safety controller. The conveyor's speed can be managed from the control box with a speed controller.

The frames to support the gas burners as well as the lid were manufactured by us and
the setting up in Spain and commissioning were insured by us.



Purging set for propane tanks

Composed by a multi nozzle MV40 burner, this torch burner is fixed on a tripod made of stainless steel.

This torch burner is equipped with a pilot burner which can be fed by the gas-network to be emptied or by a separate bottle type P13.

If this purging set is to be fixed permanently, there is an optional flame protection of 7,5 m height.