Industrial thermic equipment by special order
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2 heating equipment of 3 draught ribbon burners on the testing bench before shipment.


Draught ribbon burner for conveyor oven in food industry.


decorative application

Gas allows industrial applications but not only that!

Fireplace, torch, ornamental burner, commemorative flame or even brazier are all applications where the experience of AEM burner can help you to achieve your projects.

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Mobil gas heating equipment for liquids.

Milk, water, brew, soup, broth or any other liquid can be brought to 100 ° in 1 hour 30 minutes for a quantity of 200 liters and 2 hours for 250 liters.
Supplied by natural gas 20 millibars or propane 37 millibars for 27 kW heat imput, the performance of our 25TH burner has been improved since long time.


Tools pre-heating carriage by infrared mesh burner

AEM sale 1 more tools preheating trolley.

This carriage includes the control cabinet, the gas unit and a burner attached to a mat to adapt its height depending on the tool set up on the press.

This kind of preheating enables a quick and uniform heating of the whole of the tool.