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Bakery refractory kiln

Thermal equipment for bakery kiln, 16.5 m2 cooking surface.
Gas type and pressure : Natural gas at 300mbar

Including :
2 torch burners HP/AI N°4 (straight)
Mural bending support,
400/100th mm injector diameter
Adjustment flow valves
Flame failure valves
Gas rating : 165kW with GN at 300mbar

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Fruisec, a company of soparind bongrain group.

Fruisec is a supplier of ingrediants with edible tree nuts for food industry, located in TERRASSON (Dordogne, FRANCE) since 1976.

AEM manufactures formed burners for the vats or convoyer metal cooking strip.

1 'Labo' bar burner including :
- 2 'Labo' bar element in extremities and 2 middle 'V' bar elements.
- Tube diameter : 48mm
- Double flame lines with hole flame orifices.
- GR6 air gaz mixiing system.
- Injector : 210/100th mm for natural gas at 300mbar.
- 4 burners air gas mixing distributor.
- Double beat flame failure valves with pilot.
- Ignitor with spark plugs.

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Milky dessert finishing line for the company la laitiere (nestlé group)

AEM gas premix infrared burner arch designed for infrared heating zone.

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Lu france

AEM realized the securisation of convoyer oven burners in conformity of the EN746-2 for LU France.

The convoyer ovens include 80 to 200 burners. For each burner, supplying of :
- 1 short manifold,
- 1 gas hose,
- 1 flame control electrode set on burner bracket.
- 1 iron steel support flange with eyepiece normaly closed.
- 1 specific air gas mixing system, with 16mm inside diameter venturi,
- 1 TG 12/17 injector type, diameter further the gas rating specified.

AEM assumes the supplies, the installing on site, gas test, sarting assistance and the user training.

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