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Gas test laboratory.
Gas test laboratory.

Our lab is licensed to carry out gaz tests under the certification CE, under the aegis of the French certifier CERTIGAZ.
These tests are only carried out on cooking appliances which certificates are carried out by CERTIGAZ.

Characteristics :

  • Tests carried out with natural gas or butane-propane on gaz devices going up to 70KW per burner.
  • Cooking appliance's maximum height: 2m
  • Cooking appliance's maximum floor surface: 3.5m x 1.5m
  • CERTIGAZ permit : LAB CE GAZ 017

Options :

  • Tests with developing gases, according to the normative standards for any cooking appliance project.

Applications :

  • Norms references: EN203-1 + EN203-2-x (depending on the cooking appliances)
  • (Apart from gas kettles and pasta cookers).
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