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 Straight bar forced draught burner

This range of products allows for high power on a short length of straight flame line. The shortest straight flame line is 450mm. The strength is flexible from 1 to 3. The flames can be directed on all angles vertically and horizontally. The flame control is automatic and the power variation is based on a 0-10V ou 4-20mA signal.

Characteristics :

  • Fueled by natural gas, butane and propane
  • Straight flame line minimum: 450mm, Straight flame line max: 1500mm.
  • Contrôle de flamme et amenée d'air motorisée en 230Vac
  • Puissance nominale mini : 20 kW ; puissance nominale maxi : 50 kW

Options :

  • Electrical command box.
  • Automatic temperature regulator.

Applications :

  • Roasters,
  • Conveyor furnaces,
  • High capacity skillets

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