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Fire simulator torch

In partnership with SDIS 44, SDIS 86 and Mouthon formation society, Brûleur AEM developed a fire simulator for alternate energy vehicles (GPLc, GNV, Lithium-ion, H2).

Characteristics :

  • The simulator is presented as a cart, including:
  • A control console,
  • A GPLc, GNV, H2 simulation bloc
  • A a lithium-ion battery packing simulation bloc
  • A solenoid valves kit to control the burners
  • 2 GPL storage tanks which can be filled at a gas station
  • Various fittings and hoses
  • The simulator being battery powered, it is totally autonomous and does not require a power supply on the test bed.

Options :

  • We can provide fittings to connect the torch to a tank for larger formation centers. This then enables you to have a larger number of simulations and intervention teams.

Applications :

  • This simulator is intended for formations and fire brigades.
  • All you need to do is place the fire generators on their specific place in the vehicle.
  • Light and easily manipulated, they can be permanently placed on a vehicle wreck or can be moved and put in place during each test session.
  • If you use a pre-equipped vehicle wreck, the set up time is inferior to 15mn.
  • Our main concern was to multiply the number of tests fire fighters can carry out during their formation without having to refit the vehicle between each test. This is significantly time saving.
  • Without this simulator, three off these 'classic' simulations would take approximatively 4 hours. Thanks to our simulator, an intervention team can finish three simulations in only 30 minutes.
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