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All bar burner ranges. All bar burner ranges.
Tunnel oven ribbon burners for 10 kW approx in natural gas at 100mbar. Tunnel oven ribbon burners for 10 kW approx in natural gas at 100mbar.

AEM proposes different ranges of bar burners with hole or nozzle flame orifices.

Characteristics :

  • Those types of burners could be designed further to suit the specifications of the heating equipment, up to 3.5 meters.
  • They could be assembled on a distributing manifold as a square or a circular heating zone.
  • They function with natural gas and propane between 20mbar to 1.75 bar.

Options :

  • Flame failure system by thermocouple valve for any gas rating under 120 kW (410,000Btu).
  • Flame control with automatic ignition and flame failure surveillance by ionisation mainly for any gas rating under 990kW (3,375,000 Btu).
  • Automatism and controls.
  • Bar burner with adapted design for used heating equipments.

Applications :

  • Manufacturing tool preheating.
  • Bar burners for crackers convoyer oven.
  • Flame cleaning of convoyer stretch.
  • Blue flame burners for cooking industrial systems.
  • Skillets or rectangular tanks for medium duty can food production or for preserve.

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'labo' bar burners

'Labo' bar burners

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Straight bar burner ranges.

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atmospheric or forced draugth ribbon burner diffusing flame line

depression air forced technology or the ribbon burner of 1200mm flame line

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V flame bar burners.

V flame bar burner with flame control probe.

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Flame nozzle bar burners.

Flame nozzles formed bar burners

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