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Stand-alone control kart for memorial flame. Stand-alone control kart for memorial flame.
Olympic games ornamental flame. Olympic games ornamental flame.

These ornamental burners are tailored to created a spectacular yellow flame, perfect for occasions.

Characteristics :

  • The bowl's dimensions and design support for the ornamental flame are between 15 to 50cm for a flame height of 20cm to 1.5m.
  • Can be built in several structures and architectures.
  • Safe burner with pilot light and flame control.
  • Fuelled with propane, butane and natural gas.

Options :

  • Mobile support.
  • Can be autonomous with gas tank or work with a gas circuit.
  • Ornamental structure and cabinet to hide the gas tank.
  • Wind speed control.

Applications :

  • Remembrance flame for memorials.
  • Ornamental flame for touristic or historic sites.
  • Flames for events, the movie industry and other artistic industries.
  • Flames for sport events such as The Pacific Games.
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'memorial' flame

'Memorial' flame stand-alone and mobile system

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Sport game event flame.

Sport games in Luxemburg.

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Art flame.

Ornamental flame in a garden

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