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Infrared atmospheric burner

Infrared atmospheric burner

This infrared burner designed by AEM can have a simple or a double face.
Ideal for application requiring an important and homogenous heating-surface, this burner use the technology of the infrared brilliance.
The brilliance is obtained by the combustion of a meadow mix on the surface of a supple fabric established by knit wires.
These burners can be equipped with a command box, with regulation and with subjection in compliance with the standard EN 746-2.

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  • - Easy to use
  • - Any position of the flame
  • - High temperature
  • - Power : 100 - 10 000kW/m²
  • - Propane and natural gas
  • - Case in steel or stainless steel
  • - Metallic fiber welded or pinched on the case
  • - Dimensions and basic geometry, width 250mm and length 500mm. Or on inquiry, size and forms adapted to the application
  • - Simple or double face
  • - Shock resistance
  • - Fast cooling of the burner


  • - Food industry
  • - Drying (painting, textile, etc...)
  • - Heating of matrices
  • - Forges
  • - Glass-factory
  • - Kiln
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