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Main gas manifold 5 burners distributor. Main gas manifold 5 burners distributor.
Main gas and air pressure distributor manifolds. Main gas and air pressure distributor manifolds.

AEM design gas supply or gas distributor manifolds. For some applications, AEM can manufacture air pressure, oxygene or water main supply. Those pipe lines could be fixed or mobile.

Characteristics :

  • Gas pressure and flow of gas and other gaseous fluids assembly for the gas supply of one our several burners.
  • Most of them are in conformity of the standard EN 746-2.

Options :

  • All pipe diameter further the using gas types and the pressure supply.
  • For electric componants, power supply : 230Vac-110Vac-48Vac-24Vac-12Vcc.
  • One or several gas rating by burners.
  • With or without pilot.

Applications :

  • All gas thermical assembly with automatic flame controler and other automatic controlers.

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Gas manifold for single fluid.

Main gas manifold for atmospheric burners,

Product data sheet

Oxygen and gas manifolds.

Oxygen / gas manifold for 1 gas burner with 2 rates.

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Air pressured surcharging gas burner manifold. (for acm burners)

Air pressure and gas manifold for 3

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