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Formed bar burners with hole and nozzle flame orifices. Formed bar burners with hole and nozzle flame orifices.

This kind of burner must be formed square, hexagon, octogon and others further the project specifications.

Characteristics :

  • Iron steel or stainless steel burners for heating zone diameter between 400mm to 1500mm.
  • For the over size heating zone, the heating equipment need several venturies.

Options :

  • Flame failure system by thermocouple valve for any gas rating under 120 kW (410,000Btu).
  • Flame control with automatic ignition and flame failure surveillance by ionisation mainly for any gas rating under 990kW (3,375,000 Btu).
  • Automatism and controls.
  • Formed bar burner with adapted design for used heating equipments.

Applications :

  • Manufacturing tool preheating.
  • Blue flame burners for cooking industrial systems.
  • Skillets or cupper tanks for sweet and sugar food production.
  • 3 concentric ring burners for brewery.

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