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Cutlery forge Cutlery forge
3D view of removing burner forge. 3D view of removing burner forge.

AEM designs and develops the turnkey appliances for industrial gas heating equipments. AEM manufacture forges or kiln for iron steel forging.

Characteristics :

  • One or several burners further the cavity size.
  • Direct flame or indirect flame on the metal to forge.
  • Fiber board or refarctory concret insulation.
  • Refractory brick bottom oven with 95% alumine for 1800°C maxi.
  • Mobil or fixed forge.

Options :

  • Flame failure system further the gas rating.
  • Temperature controler.
  • 2 loading sides.

Applications :

  • Industrial or crafts forge.
  • nut-and-bolt trades.
  • cutlery.
  • Wrought ironwork.
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