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Bar infrared burner ranges. Bar infrared burner ranges.
Datas sheet of infrared bar burner ranges. Datas sheet of infrared bar burner ranges.

The AEM infrared burners are used for infrared heating project. They are designed with stainless steel body, emission ceramic plates. 7 heating zone lengths and 40mm large.
Those burners fonction at unique gas rating.

Characteristics :

  • Differents heating zone length : 330; 430; 530; 585; 705; 785; 905mm.
  • Using gas and pressure supply : Natural gas 20mbar (with air shutter), propane from 30 to 50mbar, butane from 28 to 50mbar.
  • gas ratings : between 2.5 to 6.5kW (8,600Btu to 22,200Btu) (in accordance to the standard EN203-1)

Options :

  • Flame failure gas taps without low gas flow position.
  • Spark ignition.

Applications :

  • Salamander for catering equipment.
  • Rotisserie with horizontal spit.
  • Convoyer oven for food industry.

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