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'Labo' bar burners straight and formed. 'Labo' bar burners straight and formed.

'labo' bar burners

The 'labo' bar burners are atmospheric burners with the axial flames for a straight flame line set vertically or horizontaly. Flame line starting at 400mm until 2.5 meters with single, 2 or 3 parallele flame orifice line.

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  • Burner flame line length further the customer or the application specifications.
  • Large tub diameter choice : 21, 34, 48 further the gas rating and the application.
  • Tub material : iron steel or 304 stainless steel. Flame guide plate is stainless steel.
  • Maxi flame element length : 2500mm.
  • For all gas types : Natural gas at 20 or 25 mbar, propane at 30,37 and 50 mbar and butane at 28 to 30mbar or 50mbar.
  • Possiblity of parallele assemblies for rectangular heating zone.
  • Gas safety tap mounted on the gas inlet in option.
  • Welding of customer brakets or supports.


  • Rectangular tank kettles for catering equipment.
  • Skillets, braising pan appliances.
  • Flat bottom tank or vat heating equipment.
  • Pre-heating table for industry.
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