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All bar burners ranges. All bar burners ranges.
Bar burners

AEM proposes different ranges of bar burners with hole orifices, slots flame orifices with heating equipment by parallel or star assembly.
Gas rating of the burner assembly : 4 to 70 kW (13,500 to 239,000Btu) (in accordance to the standard EN203-1)

Characteristics :

  • Cylindrical bar burners diameter 3/4'' or 1'' in iron steel or stainless steel, and also rectangular ones 30 x50mm, flame slot orifices, length maxi 700mm.
  • Cylindrical bar burners diameter 1/2'' (21mm), 3/4''(27mm), 1'' (34mm), 1''1/2 (48mm) or 2'' (60mm) in iron steel or stainless steel, with flame hole orifices, length maxi 3500mm.
  • Low pressure gas supply.

Options :

  • Flame failure taps.
  • Spark ignition accessories.
  • Automatic flame controllers for gas burner over 20kW (68,000Btu).
  • Temperature controller.

Applications :

  • Convection oven of catering equipment.
  • Skillets, rectangular pan and tank or rectangular griddles.
  • Pan cake or waffle cookers.
  • Large pan stove (pan diameter until 1500mm).
  • Plancha or boilers for commercial cookers.
  • Industrial low temperature preheating stands.

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'compact' bar burner range.

'Compact' bar burner range.

Product data sheet

Slot flame orifice bar burner.

Slot flame orifice bar burner range.

Product data sheet

'labo' bar burners

'Labo' bar burners straight and formed.

Product data sheet

Angle flame bar burners.

Angle flame bar burner equiped of a flame control electrode.

Product data sheet