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Gas manifold componants. Gas manifold componants.

Proposal of all kinds of gas manifold until 990kW.
Sold as main gas distribution circuit for the heating equipment to our industrial customers or our dealers.

Characteristics :

  • Main manifolds assemblied with : Hoses, pressure gorvernors, pressure gaujes and indicator, salenoide valves, ball valves, gas flow valves, fittings, filters, quick coupling connectings,...
  • All diameter between 3/8'' to 3'',
  • All gas pressure between 20mbar to 4 bar.

Options :

  • Gas meters.

Applications :

  • Industries and craft industry.

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Flexible flexipipe

stainless steel corrugated flexible

Product data sheet

Gas or air presured hoses.

Reenforced stainless steel jacket synthetic rubber hose

Product data sheet

Gas filters.

Product data sheet

Adjustable or fixed pressure governor.

Usual governor and pressure regulator range

Product data sheet

Gas and air pressured pressostat.

Low and high pressure pressostat range.

Product data sheet

Solenoid valves.

Solenoid valves for the gas flow control.

Product data sheet

Safety flame gas taps.

Safety flame gas tap range.

Product data sheet

Gas tap manifold.

flame failure gas tap manifolds.

Product data sheet

Higth pressure flame failure valve.

Flame failure valve range.

Product data sheet

Flame control thermocouple.

Flame control thermocouple

Product data sheet