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AEM gas burner heads for catering equipments. AEM gas burner heads for catering equipments.

All spare parts used on the AEM burners.
Sold separetly to our complete burner production to our industrials customers, manufacturers or our dealers.

Characteristics :

  • All different parts compounding AEM burners :
  • flame orifices head, burner body, elbows, venturis, injector brackets or holders, gas inlet fittings, injectors...

Options :

  • Maintenance in our work shop further appointment.

Applications :

  • Maintenance of AEM burners or heating equipments.

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Gas burner head.

Catering equipment burner head range.

Product data sheet

Torch flame nozzles

Higth pressure flame nozzle range.

Product data sheet

Ring burner body.

Ring burner body for open top ring burners or combustion chamber burners.

Product data sheet

Atmospheric air gas mixing system.

Tube jacket, venturi and injector bracket or support

Product data sheet

Gas injectors.

AEM gas injectors range.

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